Hazwan Haliff

Hazwan Haliff Hishamudin
University: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Course: Information Technology
Internship Period: 3 months

I was interning at Consurv Technic as an IT intern. This company focus mainly on oil and gas industries. They also have sibling company called Dyna Segmen for the engineering department. I like how interns are treated just like full time associates and get assigned actual and meaningful tasks which are crucial and beneficial to the IT department. It feels great to be a part of the actual IT department team. Even though I only joined the team for two months, I still felt a strong sense of achievement after doing my first project. The best part of the internship was the company meeting and the weekly sport events. Internship were also invited for the company meeting and during that time especially we gain a lot of input. The time spent working for project with other interns from various departments form some of the most memorable parts of my internship.

I would like to thank our boss Mr Faiz for allowing me to conduct my internship in this company. I gained deeper insights into the oil and gas industries and it has helped me significantly in my career planning.  I developed a better understanding of the career path of an software engineer through the internship, helping me to make an informed career decision. I would also like to thank my IT manager Mr Fuad for all the guidance he gave me during project development. Thank you to my friend and Consurv Team Shawal, Afiq, Wani, Dastur, Alif for their cooperation and time spent together, everyone in Dyna Segmen and everyone in the company for all the guidances. I am very satisfied with my internship in Consurv Technic, and I would like to thank you for the advice and the guidance everyone gave me.

This week was my last week. I absolutely wanted to thank you for this opportunity. It was an amazing experience both from a personal point of view and from professional point of view. I am going back with more knowledge on software system and workplace experience, but most of all with memories and unforgettable encounters. The internship is very good, a lot of work and a lot to learn. Thanks!

Hazwan Haliff
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