All praise to the most high, Allah the almighty, for granting me this amazing opportunity to be part of DynaConsurv family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Faiz H. Hussin for opening the doors for interns like me to come and join this great company, I really appreciate the chance to be part of it. When I was called for the interview, I was thrilled that I’m going to join this amazing company. I received the confirmation the next day and that news just made my day. Now here I am, writing this on my last day 20th December 2019, time flies ha!

I gained tons of knowledge and experience working in Dyna Segmen Sdn. Bhd. for my past 4 months internship. I got a chance to see a clear insight view of how the oil and gas industry works. This experience really equipped me to be ready for working environments in the future. Now I am going to take all these experience with me back home and I will still remember my good times here in Dyna Segmen.

During my first couple of weeks, I was kind of clueless on how things run around here in the company, how to handle the assigned daily tasks, how to use the company server and how to submit quotations to the clients. However, with the help of Nas, my dear colleagues and my fellow interns, I managed to get the hang of it and I actually aced it. As a matter of fact, I even won two projects from Petronas during my 4 months stay in the company. Seeing the PO post in the company WhatsApp group along with all the congratulations from my dear colleagues and interns brought a lot of joy and confident to me. I will never forget that moment. As return for the gesture, I cooked my cultural dish (Palau/Plov) along with other two dishes (Alfredo pasta and Fajita sandwich) for the entire office. I hope you guys enjoyed the food, and sorry for those who couldn’t make it.

On the other hand, apart from work and office life, I really want to take this chance to appreciate Boss for the company trip to Pulau Besar, Johor. Thank you to all the organizers and supporters as well. It was one of the great trips that I have been to. During the trip, we had tons of activities and fun, and it was just unforgettable.

Lastly, I want to end my speech by appreciating everyone who helped me throughout my entire 4 months internship. Nas, for always being available when you get stuck dealing with project, handling suppliers/clients or even working out the daily tasks. Not to mentioned feeding you with abundance of knowledge about the oil and gas companies and they run. Vinesh, for being my neighbor colleague and answering any doubts I had about anything, he would just answer any question you have in your head and clarify your doubts. Farahin, for helping me to submit my quotation through SUS portal on a Saturday, since I had no clue during my first couple of weeks on how to use the system, and guess what! I won that exact project. Thank you all DynaConsurv family for literally everything. I wish you all nothing but the best!

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