Elias Macuacua

When I joined Dyna, I was expecting an internship that would grant me some industrial experience and little did I know that I was about to embark on a new chapter that would challenge and change my definition of work. Before joining Dyna, one of the main reasons I used to work hard in my studies, was to get the necessary skills to be attractive to potential employers. However, my experience here has shaped me so much that now I seek to acquire as much knowledge and skills as possible, so that I am in better position to provide solutions to the world’s needs. I can surely say that my experience at Dyna had a massive impact on my shift of mindset from ‘what can I do to benefit from the needs of the industry?’ to ‘what should I do to provide solutions to society’s needs?’.

The work culture at Dyna is so collaborative and dynamic that it compels everyone to join the company’s pursuit of excellence. The company’s culture is very trust-based, and it makes it easier for people to align to the company’s purpose and mission. Everyone in the team share the same goals and have great working relationship. Usually, interns and staff go out for lunch together and that helps to bond the team and allows to know the team members as people and not only as fellow colleagues. Thus, the morale in the team is quite high and everyone is friend.

The company offers several opportunities for autonomy, freedom to express opinions and potential new resolutions and encourages creativity and innovation. Dyna Segmen is very flexible and always willing to accommodate personal needs of interns and staffs.

At Dyna, I had mentorship session with the company’s CEO, Mr. Faiz Hussin, and it allowed me to better understand the activities and operations that take place from the signing of a production sharing contract (PSC) to commercialization of petroleum related products, and how these activities and operations are interconnected. In addition, I had frequent one-on-one sessions with the General Manager, Mr. Nasrul Annuar, who was my supervisor. During the sessions, he guided me step by step on how to proceed on any project I was working on, and he always encouraged staffs and interns to approach him if they face any issue. This is a very effective way of communicating because it allowed me and encouraged me to express any concern that might have existed.

All in all, as an intern at Dyna Segmen, I found myself surrounded by staff who mentored me and dedicated their time to help me succeed. I am grateful to Dyna & Consurv family for welcoming me and for preparing me to excel in my professional career.

Kanimambo! (Thank you!)

Elias Macuacua
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