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My internship experience in Consurv Technic was one of (if not the only) influential moment (s) of my academic pursuit. Exposing me automated systems (RFID) paved the way for my current research interests in optimization and artificial intelligence. More than just a business entity, Consurv Technic represented for me an institution that boosted my confidence, exposed me to the industrial business environment, and matured my skills in software development.

Prior to joining Consurv Technic, having heard of the scope of works expected from me, I was both excited and scared. The scope of the job (interacting with RFID devices) was new to me, fascinating, and gave me a leverage boast around my friends. On the other hand, having practically no prior knowledge on RFID, my greatest fear was to fail to perform and fit in the company (then located on the prestigious UBN tower).

With the guidance of Mr. Faiz and a few sacrifices (of sleep time), I built up my confidence and fit in easily. The greatest gift I had, as an intern, was to have my works compared to those of an expert programmer (Mr. Afendi), while other firms tend to downgrade the importance of interns’ jobs; and for that, I am more than grateful.

The internship program offered me a chance to experience works behind the desk and as a field operator. Working as a research programmer earned me a chance to develop my problem solving skills, expends my software engineering experience, and above all, apply my knowledge to real life problems. The internship program offered me a lot of field trips where I was exposed to industrial safety procedures in petrochemical factories, the operational activities, and most importantly, I was aware of the need for automation in such factories. My past works for an automated attendance system using RFID clearly influenced my current research interests in artificial intelligence.

If I am asked to resume my internship experience in a few words, I would say: “I walk in the office as a shy and inexperienced young programmer (wearing white socks), and came out as a mature developer ready to leave a mark in the petroleum industry”
Djamal, Information Technology , Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS


D Jamalladine
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