Digital Solutions

The B2B technology companies would have to heavily shift their gameplay in the upcoming years to accommodate the ever changing and competitive business environment. Fret not, as we can help you with that!

Our clients often approach us with their problem statements; being it as simple as creating a (front end) reporting dashboard to as complex as optimizing the operations and production of a refinery; Consurv is able to build and implement customized digital solutions for its clients.

One of our differentiators is that we are not just an IT company, but an engineering IT company, having the domain knowledge of the industries we serve. Our team is from a diverse background comprising of Chemical, Petroleum, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, along with programmers and data scientist.

Platforms and rigs are required to be operational at an optimum level always, with the Chemical Monitoring and Enhancement technology, clients could easily gauge the specified field’s performance via the PCHOM Dashboard. By utilising this technology, it would eliminate the need to send operators to check the equipments.

The performance of the plant is crucial in the decision making process. Getting a comprehensive update in Real Time accompanied by safe limits would be the key to maximize your productivity and increase your operations exponentially.

Electrocardiography (ECG) readings are very important in diagnosing the critical level of a shock that is taken by the drill.  During drilling processes, shocks are almost always anticipated. The usage of ECG in diagnostics is a relatively new but could help to distinguish between normal and abnormal shocks.

Utilising PI System, we are able to visualise your plans into drawings that are connected via PI Vision, PI Datalink and PI Core services. Around 75% of the world’s crude oil, natural gas and liquids are produced, gathered, processed, transported and delivered with the help of the PI System. With this in place, we could drastically reduce site visits to inspect issues.

Drilling operations are expensive and any mistakes would cost a fortune. To reduce the risk of mistakes and to further aid in practicing complex drilling procedures, a simulation is the best way to seek,

Databases and the management of those data could be complex for some businesses. Fret not, as we could help you from creating a back-end platform to managing your databases.

Being so convenient and versatile, the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a part of the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology family. It is much easier to do personnel asset inventory (PAI) and tracking with the RFID tags broadcasting their locations in real time. RFID could also be used to do asset inventory and tracking. This applies for the business’ assets whereby owners could access and know the locations of their assets,

Consurv is an official DataLocker Reseller in Malaysia. Oil and Gas companies face thousands of threats that prevent them from providing crucial services to customers. DataLocker’s line of encryption solutions enhance security by preventing data breach and reducing ransomware risks.