Muhammad Dastur Mohd Zabid
University: Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Course: Computer Science
Internship Period: 3 months

As practical training is near, I was anxious on getting into a company and finding a place to stay to pass this compulsory practical training subject for computer science course in UiTM. I’m also worried about how I would perform under a company knowing that I’ve never had working experiences. I’m just a boy taking a diploma in computer science who’ve done nothing but sitting on his chair accompanied with a desk and a laptop in front of his face learning and doing assignments.

A lecturer from my university recommended Consurv Technic Sdn. Bhd. to me as they offer the highest allowance for industrial training. I became so eager to apply this company not because of the allowance but seeking good knowledge and experiences for self-improvement to become an excellent programmer (please believe me). The interview part was unexpected. I got interviewed by the boss on a random day and time without being notified first. He asked some good looking questions and I replied with some good looking answers (considering grammars) costing time of good thinking which exactly the same for this testimony.

Fate has brought me here and I’m grateful for that. I was happy and slightly relieved the moment I receive an acceptance letter from the company. In my mind, I’m wondering what kind of computer skills and knowledge that I’ll gain but not RFQ. I’ve learned a lot of things from this company such as getting used to the working environment especially RFQ. I failed for the first time doing RFQ, but that’s where I’ve learned and luckily, I managed to get PO after that. RFQ is fun and I want to do more but unfortunately my time here is just two months. The major thing that I do in Consurv Technic is learning and making mobile application to be used among the staff of DynaConsurv using nativescript. Nativescript is a javascript language framework for developing native iOS/Android mobile application. It’s my first time developing a mobile app and I enjoyed exploring, diving deep into the web. I want to say thank you to my boss, Mr. Faiz for giving me a chance to become a part of the company and also Fuad, Aisyah, Pain, Aqeelah and my friends for always giving me support and help when I needed. It was a great internship experience. Yes, I know this a long boring cliché paragraph.

Boss once asked me to share a ‘Wow’ experience during my interview. I didn’t really know the answer but now I know this internship is definitely that ‘Wow’ experience for me. HRapps will be my parting gift to the company. I promise that I’ll make a good use for what I’ve gain from Consurv Technic in the future.

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