Cuong Nguyen Chi

Looking back 7 months of my internship, I realized I have gone through a long, worth spent journey. A wise man once said “It is not about where you go; it is about whom you go with” and I am thankful for all the people that I have met and worked with in Dyna Segmen.

The objective set before the start of my internship is to convert and apply all the theoretical knowledge from school into practical work as well as acquire and improve as much as I can in term of personal skills. Though not all the objectives were satisfied exactly as expected, I actually learnt much more knowledge that I could imagine.

Firstly, I needed to equip myself well enough to get ready for any incoming challenged in the industry. Being a project intern at Dyna Segmen, there would be bunches of different works, tasks appointed, multiple mobilizations needed in several plants or sites along the country. At this point of time, I realized that only small certain amount of what I have studied is actually useful and applicable for the real working life. had better train and improve yourself a set of skills to think and re-act in a practical way in order to ensure that the work is well-done.
Secondly, the nature of work in Dyna Segmen created a chance for me to meet and deal with people. They came from different backgrounds with diverse characteristics. I acknowledged that what I knew was just a drop of water compared to the ocean out there. This is valuable experience for an intern before starting work after graduation because not only you will be encouraged to learn more and more by better people but also you will have a better preparation in both technical and soft skills for a graduate’s working life.

In sum, I have done a lot of mistakes and achieved some good things throughout my internship period in Dyna Segmen. On one hand, the bigger mistakes you made the higher chance that you will remember longer and never repeat it later in the future. One the other hand, thanks to achievements you made, you will know that good things worth time sweat and strong will to achieve. The fruit have grown by effort and ambition is always sweeter and more valuable.

Thanks again for everything Dyna Segmen have brought to me and I will definitely miss those times. Last words to future interns, zero hesitation should be taken to spend your internship in Dyna Segmen as it will be a worthwhile one. Good luck lads.

Cuong Nguyen Chi

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