Azraai – Gained a lot of knowledge & valuable experience from engineering perspective & oil and gas

I would like to express my appreciation to Mr Faiz for taking me in as first engineering intern from UTM and spent my 15 weeks of industrial attachment with Dyna Segmen and Consurv Technic. Being first from UTM, I knew it was an experiment for boss and I have to prove my commitment and value to the company.

During the time spent here, I gained a lot of knowledge and valuable experience from engineering perspective and oil and gas industry as a whole. Special mention to Nasrul who put his faith on me to execute the BHP project in which I learned a lot of lesson in project management.

Besides, I would like to express my gratitude to Amir and Abg Man for guidance and help in executing the project. To Boss, Fuad, Aaron and Jihan, thanks for the trust and support for the Petronas HPC tender and submission. I learnt a lot about the business side for this project from tender politics, technical documentation and project value appraisal.

For Lee, Nina, Azfar, Linda, Jannah, Kamarul and Husna, my sincere gratitude for your help in facilitating my tasks during the internship. Many thanks also goes to fellow interns especially my mentor, French, Cuong, Kin, Sofea, Hana, Pain, Shodiq, Afiqah, Steve and Jack for your support and comradeship during my time here. Being in engineering in real world is different from being a student in university. A lot of unforeseen troubles appeared and which many of you helped me to overcome.

Fifteen weeks was very fast and I fully enjoyed my time here. DynaConsurv is special occasion for me. This is a place where I pushed my limits, grew my potential and fulfilled my internship objectives. I prayed DynaConsurv will become a major service provider in this region and platform for junior engineers to learn and excel.

Azraai – Gained a lot of knowledge & valuable experience from engineering perspective & oil and gas

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