Amirul Aiman

Internship here at Dyna has been a privilege, I could not thank Boss, Mr Faiz enough for accepting me as an intern in Dyna while I was pretty sure I performed quite terribly in the interview.

I’ve gained a lot from my experience from working here in Dyna in sense of knowledge and soft skills. Interns here are treated as a fulltime staff, we were treated no lesser. In a way, our performance and responsibilities are also being expected of a fulltime staff, no excuse for saying “I’m just an intern”. We were occasionally asked by Boss to held a meeting and quiz us about our knowledge on the oil and gas industry. He constantly insists that we need to know more about the industry, and always have high expectations from the staff and intern.

My first week here were slow, as I was just starting to adapt to the new environment and there weren’t any projects given by Nas yet. When I have gotten familiar with the procedures and steps for working on the projects, the days had gone by much faster because I was mostly occupied with projects. When I first got my project, it was quite stressful as I don’t know how to start even though I have an idea of it. Luckily my mentor and other staff are willing to help me with my questions and queries. Nas would always be available to give us a detailed explanation whenever we were unclear of a certain thing.

I was also lucky enough to get myself involved in one of Dyna Consurv’s pilot project at Rawang R&R Petronas Station. Working alongside with Izzat as PTW work leader, I am honoured to be able to be a part of this pilot project. Lastly, I am honoured and felt privileged to be able to secure a roll as an intern here in Dyna. Knowledge that can be acquired from the jobs given are almost limitless. I really enjoyed my time during the company trip at Pulau Babi Besar, Johor. It was a time I get to know more of my colleagues. If given a chance I would recommend my juniors to apply for internship here. Good luck to everyone here in Dyna Consurv.

Amirul Aiman
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