Amir Johan

In the midst of pandemic era of Covid-19, the panic of economic which affected a lots of business owner struggle to retain their value at the market. The uncertain price of oil per barrel due to over exceed of crude on storage tank been hold prior processing. The risk of market increases where change the whole new norm of lifestyle. But due to the intelligence of human being, with knowledges, everything started to sort accordingly. Most of the people started to accept and live with the new norm of avoiding possibility of infection. So thus, Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd, who has overly reaching success rate by the intelligence of the whole management.

I, not a word can describe, my feeling of been accepted to join the company as of Session 33 together with Gek and Izzat, alongside with others intern from and not from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). The learning curve went very stiff as everyone has to adapt with the culture as soon as entering the company. The learning experiences had taught me and brought an idea of oil and gas industry business and actual work. Oversees with your own eyes on how business developing thoroughly within an industry is the most valuable and is not the one you can purchase.

My highest gratitude is to the whole team from top management officer of both Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd and Consurv Technic Sdn Bhd to the other staff and departments. This whole 8 months of internship period has somehow changed mostly the most of my perspective and the way of thinking, those skills development is where people most looking of. The supportive and easy-to-access culture is also a point of why I love the company, with no restriction and barrier of communicate, we are all allow to meet, voice out any concerns at any time.

Hence, appreciate the opportunity.

Amir Johan
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