Amir Wahid

“One word to describe my internship experience at Dyna Consurv is fulfilling, I acquired more than I bargain for”


My first day working here,  I was amazed with the senior interns, Farhan, Solihin, Nautiss, and Zakiah from Account Department, whom sincerely and with enthusiasm facilitated me in the work system even though they were very much occupied by their own task. To Nas, Adib, Solihin and Aliff who have unreservedly gave advises, what the have shared have to a great extent widened up my horizon in engineering perspective especially Nas.

Being the first batch coming from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, it was really accommodating to have my good classmate Jaffreen to share the sweat as well as the laugh in the short time that we had for our internship. He together with Alina from Multimedia University, and Fauzan have lightened up the burden and have helped me to do so much better than what I could have done without the strength added by them.

One word that I would choose for  my internship experience at Dyna Consurv is fulfilling, I acquired more than I bargain for and learnt countless knowledge. For that, I reserved my applause to Mr Faiz who has built the environment that is excellent for students to master the missing crucial skills that they are yet to learn prior graduating. I was extensively exposed to the practical side of my engineering field, as well as to the business side of it. There was no lack of opportunity to sharpen the leadership and team play skill. Dyna Consurv has definitely serve the objectives of my internship and certainly will serve any student’s . I prayed that all people who is part of family members to this company, being blessed with barakah and rewarded for all the good deeds they have done and shared along my internship period in this beautiful company.






Amir Wahid
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