Alif Danial

Alif Danial
University: Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Course: Computer Science
Internship Period: 3 months

It has been fun 9 weeks here at Consurv Technic (M) Sdn Bhd. I have learned a lot about app development, how a good API should be, general knowledge about oil and gas industry. I have also met new and interesting people here and some become my friend that I spent a lot of time together. The payment here is also good and always paid on time.

For the most part of the internship, I was given the task of making a HR app for the company to allow staff to apply leave anywhere and anytime. I learn a lot of things while making this app. I have improved my javascript skills, better time management to meet dateline, and overall developing app for both android and iOS. In between I help with PI AF project, which help me to learn a little about the PI AF system Petronas is implementing.

During my internship, I have made several friends within this company. The first person I made friend with is Izzah since she sits beside my cubicle. Through her encouragement, I made friends the other interns, Syawal and Hazwan, and the new staffs, Afiq and Wani. We often take lunch and hang out in the office when we’re not busy. I also get to know better my internship partner, Dastur, about his strength and weakness while we were making the app together. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to befriend all of the staff, but I must say the people here are very friendly, even the Boss.

As far as payment goes, it is very good considering usually internship don’t usually get payment and even so, not this many. The flexible time is very convenient as you can come at what time you feel comfortable if you complete the 9 hours’ requirement. You can gain extra money if your RFQ succeeded and made profit but I have no such luck. In summary, I’m happy that I choose this company to do my internship. I hope that this company continue to prosper in the future. The memory I made here I will remember for very long time. I’ll end this by saying “there is no reward without a challenge”. That’s all from me.

Alif Danial
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