Alden Ahlholm

Having never been to Southeast Asia, I am extremely grateful that Dyna Segmen afforded me the opportunity to not only explore a country and region I knew so little about, but also provided me with practical experience in the procurement of parts and services for the oil and gas industry.

Having only had experience in technical and research-related fields, it took me a few days to adjust and get a handle on the scope of my work at Dyna Segmen. I had only ever contacted suppliers and manufacturers for projects that I was working on, which made it significantly easier in the sense that I always had access to the information I needed. At Dyna Segmen, this oftentimes is not the case, as we are frequently limited by lack of information from the end user. This creates an interesting challenge in coordinating communication with both the end user and suppliers on whether or not a substitute would be appropriate. It is further complicated when you can’t speak Malay and many people have difficulty understanding your accented English, which results in an increased reliance on email and rudely asking clients to repeat their email address upwards of six times. “Yes, again, that is America Libya Denmark England Nigeria alias Denmark Yukon Nigeria America, yes that is Yukon with a Y not a U.” Additionally, alias took me a solid month to figure out, doesn’t ‘at’ make more sense?

It has been amazing to spend these past four months in Malaysia, a country rich in religion and culture and to witness firsthand its rapid development. In my time here I have learned more about Islam and its practices than I ever would have, largely thanks to Nas and Azfar, who believe that no question is too ridiculous to warrant a response. It was impressive to see the traditional Malay culture so closely intertwined with the Chinese and Indian cultures, and this mixture was paramount in a broader exposure to this part of the world. This blending of cultures impacted my daily meals, which continually remind me what Malaysia truly is.

I would like to thank Boss, Faiz, for providing me with an unparalleled opportunity to explore and experience Malaysia and this part of the world by making me a part of the Dyna Segmen ‘family’. Additionally, I have to dearly thank Nas, for not only answering any absurd question I might have asked and taking us to Penang, but also for lending us use of the Proton. Because of you we were able to explore even further. It would please me to no end to return to Malaysia in the next 5-7 years only to find out Dyna Segmen is a publicly traded company, and I wish Dyna Segmen the best of luck in that pursuit.

Alden Ahlholm

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