Adam M. Fry

My time here at Dyna Consurv has been a once in a lifetime experience. From being introduced to the Malaysian oil and gas landscape to learning about the tendering process, I have gained new knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Witnessing the inner workings of a small business in a rapidly developing nation and becoming familiar with its world of competitive bidding have both been educational. Our motto of never turning down work and learning as we go was an entirely new business strategy to me. As the saying goes, Dyna Consurv makes magic happen.

The work at Dyna Consurv, however, is not the only thing which will have a lasting impact on me. The experiences I have shared with the people I worked with are the most cherished part of my time here. From the daily discussions about life, religion, society and everything else to the constant banter with my office mates, I have tremendously enjoyed the interactions with my coworkers. After flying half way across the world all my uncertainties were quickly assuaged by overwhelming hospitality, a sign of the great work environment in which I spent my four months here. Our various company outings were all highly enjoyable and there was constantly someone at hand to provide context to the many experiences we shared.

I would like to especially thank the fearless General Manager Nasrul for always making himself available to help and guide me in the right direction. Beyond simply being a mentor at work, Nasrul helped me understand many aspects of Malaysian life and made my time more enjoyable with his energetic approach and open mind. Finally I must thank Mr. Faiz Hussin for making this entire experience possible. He has created a work environment like no other. Giving me the opportunity to work here has greatly enhanced my understanding of the world at large, improving my ability to achieve my goals.

Thank you, Dyna Consurv, for an experience I will never forget.

Adam M. Fry

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